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Hello world! Listen, we all love shopping online these days. Whether we are buying a birthday present for your grandmother who’s turning 80, a wedding gift for your friends who you’ve known forever, or maybe you just need to do a little shopping therapy for yourself. Hey, we get it, it’s part of life. Consumerism is in our blood, it’s as American as the 4th of July. It’s how we provide value to ourselves, to our loved ones, our neighbors, co-workers, etc.  Quite frankly, buying products and being consumers keeps the world working. Could you imagine if we stopped spending??

My point is that there is nothing wrong with spending money. Of course as long as you can afford the things you need and want. But have you ever wondered to yourself, is there a better way to shop? Where does my money go? Who collects my money and who benefits from it? If you are shopping at the big box retailers or large e-commerce platforms, chances are, you’ll have no idea who benefits from your purchase. You spend money on a transaction and most likely don’t think about the downstream effect your money has. I challenge you to stop and think for a minute about how you’r spending currently changes the community you live in. Does it? Have you ever bought from a locally owned business in your community? Here’s a fun fact according to Independent We Stand; for every $100 dollars you spend with a local business, $68 dollars is put back into the community you live in. On the other spectrum, big box retailers only put $43 dollars per every $100 dollars spent back into their local community. See what I mean? Shopping is great, but shopping local is even better. In fact, according to a study done by red egg marketing, 82.76% of shoppers would rather support a local business as opposed to shopping with a large corporation. Shoppers are even willing to pay more to do so!

So… why don’t they? Well, shopping local isn’t as streamlined as it should be. You have a few options when it comes to shopping local.

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are great! You get to meet the makers face to face, talk to them about the product you are about to purchase, learn their “why” and ultimately feel really close to the purchasing process. It doesn’t quite get much better than that if you want to buy local. The problem however is that the majority of people are not frequenting farmers markets. They are out of the way, an event, something you have to plan around. In a world where we all are so busy, all the time, farmers markets seem to be for a very specific group of people.

Brick n Mortar

Similar experience as a farmers market but products may tend to be curated rather than hand made. You typically get to meet the business owner (or their employees who embody the culture of the business), feel the vibe of inside the store, etc. The problem still remains, traveling and visiting the store in person takes a very specific individual. It also requires time, which is a valued commodity that most people are not willing to commit to.


Shoppers are trending towards purchasing online in droves. According to a study done by BigCommerce, by 2023, US Ecommerce revenue will grow to $740 Billion. Yes, that’s Billion with a B. That’s a 70% increase from 2019.

What does this mean for small businesses? At the moment, a vast majority of small businesses have an online presence. However, the shopping experience is all decentralized. Each locally owned business has their own website, their own marketing strategy, and specific approach to how they want to (or not want to) grow their online sales.

So again… what’s the problem? Bottom line, shopping local isn’t that easy and we here at Bodega 38 believe that shouldn’t be the case. That’s why we built an E-commerce platform that aggregates products from locally owned businesses and sells to local consumers in their communities. Customers can search for specific products, browse fun to shop categories, and filter by blacked owned, minority owned, women owned, and LGBTQ owned businesses.

It’s 2022, we should have a better platform to shop. One that cares about who gets your money and what they do with it. If you can receive comparable products, at a comparable price from a locally owned business, why wouldn’t you do it? Our guess is that you will if given the opportunity to do so.

We intend on providing a positive impact in the communities which we serve. Small businesses sponsor little league baseball, they buy dinner from the local restaurants, they pay for museum tickets, have families to support, source materials locally, pay taxes in your district, etc. Together, we believe we can make shopping local a habit, not just a hashtag. We intend to put money in the hands of those who invest in your neighborhood and in return, put great products into the hands of local Coloradans who shop Bodega 38.

We look forward to serving Denver and all the surrounding cities. Colorado is our home, it always will be. We hope to receive your support and help us grow into a business that can bring change to the communities we live in and the planet we live on, simply by shopping local.