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The Makers

Greens Gone Wild – Peanut Butter Banana & Blueberry Coconut

Laura Harris and Zach Meier are the Co-Founders of Greens Gone Wild, based out of Denver, Co. Both transplants to Denver, they aspired to build a business that combined health with delicious food. Greens Gone Wild is the only plant-based protein bar with ½ cup of spinach in each serving, fewer than 10 ingredients, and no added sugar or preservatives.

Bee Squared Apiaries – 3 oz Alfalfa/Wildflower Honey & Springtime Hand Soap

Beth Conrey is the owner of Bee Squared Apiaries, a small beekeeping operation located in Berthoud, CO. She has 125 hives in various locations in Weld, Larimer and Boulder counties.

The mission of Bee Squared is to “Bee Exponentially Better” as defined by the following:

  1. We will sustainably produce, source, harvest, pack and distribute hive products.
  2. We will provide our employees with a compensation and benefit package that exceeds the industry standard.
  3. We will donate a minimum of 2% of revenue to pollinator causes.

Tempo Granola – 2 oz Granola Mixture

From my kitchen to yours… I’m Beverly and I’ve been making wholesome and nutritious granola for my family, work-mates and friends for 20 years. As an on-the-go mom, teacher, business person, yogi, and fitness instructor, I’m always searching for an energy boost that tastes great, is nutritionally sound and made from organic ingredients with nothing artificial that leaves that “fake after-taste” in my mouth.

Beverly’s mission is to inspire a healthy body, inquisitive mind, and bold spirit fueled by food consisting of natural ingredients we all grew up eating. Join me to spread awareness that balance is the key to healthy living. Tempo granola is handmade in small batches in a granola-only facility (no cross-contamination) in Denver to ensure freshness, quality and ultimate yummy taste!