The Rally Hotel – Baseball Snack Bag

Welcome to the Rally hotel! Whether you are here on business or pleasure, we hope to make your stay a memorable one. Our staff is available 24/7 for anything you need. Relax and enjoy your stay.

Every product in this bag was hand selected by our partners at Bodega 38 to fit a baseball theme. Snack on amazing products from locally owned businesses to Denver, Co. Thank you for supporting local during your stay and go Rockies!

Brought to you by Bodega 38 

The Makers

Buckin Nuts – Chipotle Lime Fried Peanuts 

Peanuts deep fried in Peanut Oil – what else could you ask for?! When frying the peanut at such a high heat, you are able to eat the entire shell & all! No mess, no waste, all crunch. The snack is unique, fun, and brings a lot of flavor. Their goal is to show how versatile a peanut can be… I mean look at some of the flavors!

Starting Buckin’ Nuts taught Kaitlyn & Reed that by following your passions, you can create a lifestyle of creativity, growth, and fun, paired with hard work and dedication.

“We have a created a product and business that is rewarding. We have had customers cry with joy because seeing a sign that says “boiled peanuts” in the middle of Denver, CO because it reminded them of home. We never thought our life would revolve around peanuts, but boy! are we grateful for that nut.”


Ms Margaret Makers Pumpkin Seed Brittle – Makers Mix 

Margaret Maker is a chef with over 15 years in the restaurant industry, specializing in pastries and baking. She makes all of the pumpkin seed brittle in small batches, by hand. When a few, simple, ingredients are handled with care and patience, the result is always delicious.  In this case, a light, crunchy, candy treat, that everyone loves to eat! Made right here in Denver, Co!

Denver Chip Co – Original

We are a family-owned expansion of Broad Ripple Chip Co, located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our all-natural, handmade artisan chips are made from Idaho Russet potatoes, which result in larger, slightly darker chips that are richer in flavor. These lightly-seasoned chips are super crunchy and have more true potato flavor than factory-made chips, which use bland white potatoes, and may be months old when you purchase them.

Every step of our process is done by hand: selection, slicing, seasoning and packaging. They are made in small batches in pure, heart-healthy canola oil and delivered fresh. Our chips contain no preservatives, no trans fats, no MSG, no GMOs, and are gluten free.

Future Foods Co – Skittle Puffs

What the heck is freeze drying?


In short, science! Specialized machinery is loaded with goodies for a 24 hour stay. A special process removes all of the moisture in the item and a crunchy treat is left. 

Freeze dried skittles are a twist on everyone’s favorite candy. We use science to puff up these goodies into crunchy airy treats. *Vegan and dairy free