Valentines Day Box

Valentine’s Truffle Collection by M2 Confections

Enjoy our collection of flavors that will give you nostalgia for the most classic chocolates you’ve had!

This box set contains: 

-1 Strawberry Pink Peppercorn truffle
-1 Tiramisu truffle
-1 Cherry Cordial
-1 Chile Mango
-1 Sangria truffle
-1 Chocolate Covered Banana truffle

-hand tied with satin ribbon
-comes with a handy truffle guide

Lavender Ruby Chocolate Dipped Caramels by Toute Douceur Candy 

Lovely Caramels dipped in Guittard Fair Trade Certified Chocolate. Enjoy a hint of Lavender and Ruby Chocolate in every bite.

4-pack of Lavender in Ruby Chocolate

Cherry Coffee Crunch Bar by M2 Confections

This bar features fair trade and organic dark Chocolate with tart dried cherries and coffee chocolate crunch.

Each bar weighs approximately 2 oz. Each bar does not contain gluten or nuts. This candy bar does not contain animal products.

French Toast Candy Bar by M2 Confections

Our french toast candy bar features caramelized white chocolate, handmade maple candy and cinnamon. This delightful candy bar is one of our most popular items, and a crowd favorite. Layered with ground maple candy, this bar tastes just like french toast, without the bread!

Each bar weighs approximately 2 ounces, and does not contain gluten. 

Mountain Pass Candle by Wrightwood Candles

Enjoy the refreshing scent of the Colorado mountains all year round! Mountain Pass is a traditional pine fragrance with a unique aromatic crispness.

Made with organic, renewable, and pesticide-free coconut blended with soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils, and lead-free cotton wicks.
Burn Time: Approximately 20-25 hours

Bath and Shower Bomb by Nourish CBD

Prepare for a delicious self care experience. The combination of Raspberry Leaf, Cacao, Red Rose and Vanilla will transform your bath into a full body tea.

INGREDIENTS: CBD, Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Corn Starch, Epsom Salt, Honey, Cocoa Butter, Magnesium Oil, Calendula Oil, Arnica, Coconut Oil, Raspberry Leaf, Cacao Nibs, Rose and Vanilla Essential Oils