About Us

Bodega38 is an online marketplace that is designed to make shopping local easy. It’s a simple concept with a big mission in mind, “Change the communities we live in and the planet we live on by shopping local.” Bodega 38 is working to build stronger communities and local wealth and the best way to do that is shopping local. In our online marketplace you will only find products sold by vendors that are local to you.

All businesses you see listed are within 100 miles of where you live. We are currently only in Denver but are in the process of expanding into other cities. If you would like to request your city to be one of the next areas for Bodega 38 please let us know where you live in the link below!

Filter businesses and products based off what matters to you.

By shopping local you are not only supporting your community but also helping reduce the impact we all have on this planet and creating a smaller carbon footprint for your community as a whole.